Light Industrial Cleaning

The manufacturing process require regular maintenance. We can keep your company up and running while helping you maintain the high standards required for your manufacturing processes.

Clean Rooms

Clean rooms are where products are inspected. Many of these products are used in surgical procedures and must be kept in an extremely clean environment.

A monthly routine is required to maintain this environment and meets the FDA requirement codes for the manufacturer. The manufacturer does not experience any downtime during this process because we do the cleaning during the plant’s off-time.

Our process involves chemical soak, pressure washing, mat cleaning, drain debris removal, mopping and rinsing.

This process is completed periodically to maintain a clean inspection environment for and employees remain safe and not exposed to a raw chemical environment.

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Manufacturing area of precious metals devices.

This process is completed on a reoccurring schedule. The components of this process is using chemicals that break down the chemical on the surfaces, brush, mop and squeegee the surface and final rinse. This is completed during off production times which does not interfere with production times.

Metal Filter System

Below are before and after photos of a metal filter system that is affiliated with metal processes of a manufacturing facility. This process involves removal of the filter systems and replacing after the cleaning process. This keeps the equipment from overheating and run to failure. This requires regular maintenance in order to keep the manufacturing process at full production.

Light Industrial Maintenance & Services

  • Heavy cleaning in chemical finish areas associated with metal finishing procedures
  • Oil and water reclamation (including outdoor spills, stain removal, etc)
  • Shop floor upkeep (including widespread cleaning needs over large areas)
  • Housekeeping services (both office and industrial production areas)
  • Window washing (store fronts, multi-stories, haze removal, etc)
  • Chemical reclamation, neutralization and storage assistance
  • Storm drain cleaning

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